WFS 160W/m2 Underwood Heating Foil Mat Touch Screen Kit


The heating cable is a twin conductor fixed on an aluminum mat for a quick and easy installation. The heating cable is terminated with a highly reliable connection to a 3.0m cold tail. The under-laminate foil mat is the perfect solution for under laminate/ wood heating.

Each heating mat comes supplied with your choice of thermostat, Standard programmable touch screen thermostat or our Smart WiFi thermostat which can be controlled from your smart speaker or app from anywhere. Thermostats available in Black or White.

Each Kit comes standard with heating cable, thermostat, floor sensor, conduit and tape. However for only £17.99 you can purchase the Pro-kit plus pack which includes digital multimeter for accurate mat testing, acrylic floor primer, roller and metal thermostat back box for expert installation.
Each Kit comes standard with heating mat, thermostat, floor sensor, aluminum foil tape and conduit. However for only £14.99 you can purchase the Pro-kit plus pack which includes digital multi-meter for accurate mat testing, metal thermostat back box and strong duct tape for expert installation.
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160W/m2 Underfloor Heating Foil Mat Touch Screen Kit

Why Choose 160w/m2 Underfloor Heating?

A 160w/m2 mat is a medium power mat system. Designed to be a primary or secondary source of heat in rooms with another heating source. 160w/m2 heating mats can achieve warm, comfortable room temperatures. You can install a 160w/m2 heater in any type of room.

Foil style underfloor heating specifically for under wood heating. It is a dry system meaning no screed is required. Foil heaters MUST be accompanied by XPS style insulation. Insulation is laid then the heater is laid directly on top of the insulation. Lastly the wooden floor is laid directly onto the heater.

Choosing the Correct Size

To calculate the correct size mat, measure the full free floor space (m2) then take 10% off this area and purchase the nearest mat size to the area you have left. This ensures that the mat will fit your room with no worry of excess mat at the end of the installation.

Please contact us if you require any assistance choosing the correct mat for your installation.

Underfloor heating foil Mats have 10 year warranty and thermostats have a 1 year warranty.


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