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Soil Warming Cable System

Soil warming for seed and plant propagation is not new, however, the new system from HeatSafe Cable Systems revolutionises the concept!

Historically, electric heating cables for soil warming have tended to be series resistance heaters with fixed outputs and dimensions that cannot be altered. Furthermore, this conventional style of heater can have a tendency to overheat and burn out, or provide too much heat in some areas where it is used.

HeatSafe Soil Warming Cable

The HeatSafe Soil Warming Cable utilises semiconductor technology, providing an “intelligent” self-regulating heater. Not only can the heating cable be cut-to-length to suit each application, but automatically controls its heat output according to the localised conditions. HeatSafe cable operates at a low temperature enjoyed by plants, instead of the higher temperatures produced by some conventional styles of heater.

The cable responds to any part becoming hot by automatically reducing the heat generated at that point…without affecting the rest of the cable. The heating cable automatically adjusts its heat output according to the soil temperature! It cannot overheat or burn out.

When the soil is cold, a high heat output is produced, that reduces as the soil temperature increases. For example, when the plant is watered, the intelligent heating cable recognises the cooling effect this has and produces increased power in that area only!

HeatSafe Soil Warming cable is suitable for all your applications: hotbeds; cold frames or cloches; propagation benches; mist propagation applications; etc. Whether you are growing commercially or for pleasure, HeatSafe Cable is the answer to your soil warming requirements.

It may also be used to economically freeze protect greenhouses by installing the heating cable in the concrete pathway. This offers a gentle, even heat source at soil level, that will ensure all of your plants survive the winter!

Keeping your animals warm is a priority in modern farming

With Warmfloor solutions wide range of heating products this issue can no longer be a concern. For animals to grow quickly, healthy and strong, their surrounds must be maintained at an optimal temperature. Warmfloors heating cables or mats are an Ideal solution to combat there naturally cold surroundings providing them with the warmth they need to mature quickly.

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