Ice & Snow
Melting Solutions

Prevent Ice and Snow Problems in Pipes, Roofs, Gutters and Driveways

Snow that has built up on a roof will start to melt as a result of either exposure to the sun, or from heat rising from the building below. As the melted snow runs from the roof into cold gutters and drainpipes, it can re-freeze forming layers of ice which can continue to build up until the flow is blocked.

The above can result in damaged drains and gutters. Water can, in addition, get into the roof and building, leading to expensive structural damage such as broken roof tiles, damaged plaster and facades, etc.

Intelligent Trace Heating Solutions

Trace Heating is the method of applying heat to a body, or to a product (liquid, powder or gas) contained within a system (pipework, vessel or equipment) for storage or transportation, in order to avoid processing problems or difficulties. The major benefit of trace heating are that the specialist cables self-regulate their temperature so they cannot overheat, and they can also be cut to length during installation to ensure the perfect fit, every time.

WFS supply a wide variety of high quality UK manufactured Trace Heating, Constant Wattage and MI cables suitable for all applications. These heating cables can be supplied with a comprehensive range of trace heating thermostats, ice and snow melting thermostats, termination kits and wiring accessories.

Roof & Gutter Ice Dam Prevention

The WFS Gutter Guard system features a self-regulating heating cable specially developed to prevent ice formation on most types of gutters. As the heating cable is self-regulating, the heat output regulates to ambient conditions at each point of the cable. It can never overheat or burn out – even when overlapped on itself.

In snow and icy water, the Gutter Guard operates at full power. As the snow melts and the water drains away, gutter guard self-regulates to half power while it dries. As it gets warmer, gutter guard gradually reduces its output.

Ice & Snow Melting on Driveways & Walkways

Ice and Snow clearance systems ensure that you can walk and drive safely on paths, drives and parking areas during the winter. Warmfloor ice and snow melting system operates fully automatic. It automatically detects the need for the heating system to energise and fully protect the area covered by the heating system.

Warmfloors Drive Guard system features an advanced heating cable specially developed to prevent snow formation on most types of driveway and paths.

Drive Guard eliminates the need for salt/chemical de-icer application or mechanical clearing, Although potentially harmful to the environment, may be acceptable for non-critical surfaces having only occasional problems. However critical surfaces should be provided with a reliable automatic solution to the problem.

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