How to Prevent Ice Buildup or Antennas and Wires During the Winter?

During periods of icy weather and sub zero temperatures, icicles and ice build up on antennas and wires causing a potential threat to people and road users alike. Ice build up is a potentially hazardous occurrence which puts added strain on the structure it accumulates on, adding strength to sustain this added weight is a time consuming and very costly operation and going over looked can cause damage to there structure.

Two ways previously to tackle the problem was firstly to design the intended structure with a more sturdy construction than necessary to compensate for the additional weight, or to remove the ice build up manually at regular intervals to not exceed safe levels which is a very labour intensive and dangerous job.

With Warmfloors heat safe self regulating cables, ice build up is a thing of the past, as it automatically heats the areas of potential build up when and if its needed. The heat safe systems are fully self automated, so once installed does not need to be manually controlled by any one person.

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