Prevent Slips & During the Winter

Snow build-up or ice formation on ramps or entrance ways pose a danger to vehicles, or can prevent access. Similarly, snow or ice on paths or stairways create a pedestrian hazard.

Access is often critical. Ramps serving car parks in shopping malls, hotels and business must be kept clear. Entrances to hospitals and similar establishments must be accessible at all times.

Salt or chemical de-icer application or mechanical clearing, although potentially harmful, may be acceptable for non-critical surfaces having only occasional problems. Critical surfaces should be provided with a reliable automatic solution to the problem.

The Solution - Snomelt

Snomelt, the electrical system from Heat Trace is automatic, environmentally friendly, applies heat only when necessary and provides the most practical solution. It prevents ice forming on cold surfaces and melts snowfalls.

Self Regulating Technology

Snomelt is a self-regulating heating cable especially developed for this application. Two versions, SM-A and SM-B are available according to heating requirements. The self-regulating effect causes the heater to generate progressively more heat as the surface cools, and less as it warms up. Thus, it tends to be energy efficient and can never overheat or burnout – even when operating in an air void. The control system optimises energy consumption.

The Snomelt system is therefore temperature safe, energy efficient and reliable. It operates automatically and requires virtually no maintenance.

Complete System

The Snomelt system comprises the Snomelt self-regulating heating cable, a user friendly connection kit, the Snomelt Control Unit and all system components, including, where required, the distribution board, to provide a comprehensive system. System design and installation is easy – even for inexperienced electricians.

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