Suitable for High Heat Loss Areas

A High Output kit is suitable for high heat loss areas and requires a little more pipe than for a standard room. Underfloor heating uses low temperature constant flow to evenly distribute heat through the floor area of a building. This type of heating is called radiant.

Warm feet, cool heads – this has always been our motto.

Advanced Hydronic System, High Quality Pex-a Pipe

Pex-a 20 @ 200mm centres BS EN 1264-4 DIN18560 part 7 Design A2 heated thin hard conductive screed systems. The system is designed for new build and refurbishment of public buildings, schools, hospitals, offices etc. The system creates the maximum optimum response and recovery of the internal ambient air temperature required by the end user’s heating and cooling demands.

Using the emitter in such a way demands less from the heat source i.e. boiler, thus reducing energy consumption by up to 30%. Not only is our underfloor heating system more efficient but radiant heating is more comfortable than convection as the heat transfers to nearby objects. Warm feet, cool heads – this has always been our motto.

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